FRO-CAAT Frofessionals Crown Act Awareness Training

The Frofessionals’ Crown Act Awareness Training, FRO-CAAT, provides a comprehensive look at the groundbreaking legal protections provided by this new policy. CROWN, which stands for Creating a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair, has instituted legal protections for Black, Indigenous, and people of color, in the workplace and in schools.

Hair discrimination has been a longstanding issue in the United States, compounded by racist beauty standards and employment policies. The Crown Act was implemented to give people the power to embrace their natural hair without fear of discrimination. Frofessionals has made available training and consultation for both corporate and educational settings. The purpose is to support corporations and schools in revising their policies and practices to meet their compliance metrics and to create a more inclusive work and school culture for their BIPOC employees and students.

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