Donation Statement

Frofessionals focuses on combating three primary needs in the communities of Black, Indigenous and People of Color to include: access to quality and consistent mental health care, high caliber legal representation for the accused, and support for entrepreneurial ventures and financial literacy aimed at bridging the wage gap.        

Your gifts to the mental health program reimburses practitioners for treatment provided to the uninsured or underinsured client for up to 12 individual sessions and support group treatment and community mental health education.

What Will Donations Support?

$100 = 1 Hour of mental health counseling reimbursed to the provider 

$1,200 = A 3-month package of mental health counseling reimbursed to the mental health provider.

This fund will pay for community financial literacy classes and fund start up grants for clients who complete the classes and are at or below 200% of the poverty line

What will Donations Support?

$1500 First tiered start-up grant

Supplements the costs of licensing, certifications, applications, deposits and/or office supplies needed to open a business.   

$2500 Second tiered Start-Up Grant 

Supplements the costs of contract services and equipment needed to keep an already established small business running.     

$5000 Third tiered Start-Up Grant 

Supplements the costs of upgrading an established business

Contributions will fund up to 10 hours of legal assistance for an accused member of the BIPOC community on their first offense.  This service is provided to ethnic minorities known for racial discrimination and mass incarceration in the criminal justice system.  Attorneys will be reimbursed at the contracted hourly rate.

What will the Donation support?

$150 = One hour of legal representation for an arrested BIPOC youth or adult on their first offense 

$299.40 = A one-year subscription with a pre-paid legal service for an at risk BIPOC youth 

$1500 = One 10-hour package of legal representation for an at risk BIPOC youth or adult

Subscription/Sign-In Statement

The paid subscriptions of your local Frofessionals are reinvested back into your neighborhoods. So sign-in and support the Frofessionals Comm-Unity.

Statistics on African-American Communities in the US

Poverty Rate

Poverty Rate

As of 2021, the poverty rate for African Americans was 19.5%, compared to 8.2% for white Americans (Census Bureau 2022).

Median Household Income

Median Household Income

The median household income for African American households in 2021 was $48,297, compared to $76,999 for white households (Census Bureau 2022).

Homeownership Rate

Homeownership Rate

The homeownership rate for African Americans in Q2 2022 was 47.5%, compared to 74.2% for non-Hispanic whites (Census Bureau 2022).

High School Education

High School Education Attainment

In 2020, 86.3% of African American adults had at least a high school diploma, compared to 95.4% of white adults (Census Bureau 2022).

Unemployment Rate

Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate for African Americans in December 2022 was 6.6%, compared to 3.1% for whites (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2023).

Incarceration Rate

Incarceration Rate

In 2020, the incarceration rate for African Americans was 1,501 per 100,000, versus 187 per 100,000 for whites (The Sentencing Project 2022).

Infant Mortality Rate

Infant Mortality Rate

The infant mortality rate for African Americans in 2020 was 10.8 per 1,000 live births, compared to 4.8 for whites (CDC 2022).

Uninsured Rate

Uninsured Rate

In 2021, 13.2% of African Americans lacked health insurance, compared to 8.3% of whites (Census Bureau 2022).