About Us

What Is FroFessionals About?

FroFessionals is a subscription-based platform for black and textured hair care professionals.  We help people with kinky, coily, curly and biracial hair-types, find products and professionals that cater to their specialized needs.

FroFessionals doubles as a nonprofit entity that reinvests revenue from paid listings back into the communities of its customers, to help pay for mental health services, legal assistance and wealth-building opportunities.

The Why

The FroFessionals movement was inspired during the 2020 Pandemic as the Founder painfully watched an explosion of civil and racial unrest ignited by the murder of George Floyd.  The founder started her quest to create a financial ecosystem for black and brown people to fund solutions to their own social problems.  The answer was found in our hair.

Though Black and Biracial people spend more on haircare than any other race, they only own about 3% of their haircare industry. Instead, it is monopolized by corporations that do not share, nor significantly invest, in their culture, community or complex social challenges.  Reabsorbing and reinvesting this wealth back into the community is the key to funding the solutions to our own social problems.

Limited access to quality mental health care, legal representation, and wealth building opportunities are the main contributors to generational poverty and the mass incarceration of black and brown people.  Thus FroFessionals, the nationwide platform that connects black and textured hair care professionals and product vendors with their captive audience, has made these problems their focus.

The Founder

April Phillips is a 15 year resident of Austin, Texas and a graduate of two HBCU’s.  She runs a private mental health practice and educates locally and internationally about mental health and wellness.  She is the offspring of a black Vietnam Veteran and a Panamanian mother and understands the struggle of finding quality and safe products and stylists that nurture all of her 4 hair-types. Raised in South Central LA, she is familiar with poverty and police brutality and knows that poverty and race are what often separates the accused from the convicted. She believes that access to quality mental health care, legal assistance and wealth building opportunities through entrepreneurship are the keys to advancing the black and brown community.

Purchase a paid listing today and join the movement where hair and racial healing collide!