Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is FroFessionals About?

FroFessionals is a nationwide database and app of black and textured haircare professionals that features and promotes black and minority owned businesses.

2. Can I book a hair appointment on

Yes.  FroFessionals offers booking capacity for paid subscribers.

3.  Is there a free listing available?

Yes. There is a basic listing available for professional stylists.

4.  How much are paid subscriptions and what do you get?

Paid subscriptions are only $20/month and come with a premium professional profile with booking capabilities, a photo gallery, advertising discounts, a social media handle list, and links to the company’s website to name a few.  Annual subscriptions are $199 with 2 months free.

5.  What Types of Hair Care Professionals can list on

Black and minority owned hair care businesses and professionals who specialize in kinky, coily, curly, wavy and coarsely textured hair care.  This includes: cosmetologists, barbers, locticians, lash technicians, braiders, hair product vendors and medical professionals.

6. Is FroFessionals also a Charity?

Yes.  FroFessionals doubles as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that re-invests funds from paid subscriptions and donations back into the community to support:
A. Mental health initiatives and therapy for the uninsured and underserved
B. Legal assistance to the underserved
C. Entrepreneurship support and financial literacy

7.  Which communities benefit from these services and initiatives.

Proceeds for community support are generated by local hair care professionals who opt for paid subscriptions.